Helen Mirren: 'Who doesn't love a jolly good spanking?'

Aug 05 (TheWrap.com) - Jimmy Fallon played a rousing round of “Mirren, Mirren on the Wall” Monday, which resulted in Helen Mirren endorsing some light BDSM.

“Whips and chains are not my style,” the Oscar-winning actress said when asked about “Fifty Shades of Grey.” “But who doesn't love a jolly good spanking once in awhile?”

“The Tonight Show” skit was simple — Fallon, dressed as a Renaissance-era nobleman, looks into a mirror and asks questions like, “Mirren, Mirren on the wall, what's your dream job?”

The answer: “Being a contestant on ‘American Ninja Warrior.'” 

Mirren, who stars in Lasse Hallstrom‘s latest, “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” also discussed “Sharknado” and Canadian politician Rob Ford. She rounded out the interview by telling Fallon: ”My motto in life is you can never go wrong by treating yourself to a nice footlong.” 

Dame Mirren was talking about sandwiches.