FX's 'Archer' gives S. Jersey soldier a shoutout

FX's cartoon "Archer" held a live show in Philly on Friday at the TLA, bringing in voice actors H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, who can also be heard on Fox's "Bob's Burgers"), Aisha Tyler (Lana), Amber Nash (Pam), Chris Parnell (Cyril), Lucky Yates (Dr. Krieger) and series creator Adam Reed (he also voices Ray Gillette). "Archer" stars Benjamin as a suave super spy who works at ISIS, run by his mother, Malory Archer (voiced by "Arrested Development's" Jessica Walter).

The cast reenacted scenes, gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming fourth season and showed off some DVD extras. One extra was from the show's second season Blu-Ray, in which the show's main character, superspy Archer Stirling, gives a shoutout to Army SPC Andrew Buckman, currently residing in Sicklerville, N.J. but originally from in Haddon Heights.

In the bit, Archer directly addresses the camera, wishing Buckman well. When he reveals who he's talking about, Archer pauses. When asked why by an offscreen voice, Archer says so Buckman can have some time to high five his buddies.

We were lucky enough to be standing right by Buckman, who was recently discharged after being stationed in Afghanistan, and asked him some post-show questions:

How did you get hooked up with FX?

I was in Afghanistan and my sister in law’s sister is a [vice president of Original Programming, Drama and Comedy Development] at FX, Kate Lambert. She’s one of Hollywood’s Top 25 people to look out for. She sent me the DVD and she was like "Check out the bonus features." All of my buddies were just blown away.

When did you start watching "Archer?"

She sent me the show before it started to air. She said this was their new show to compete against "Family Guy." I thought it was hilarious. [For the record, his favorite episode is "Mole Hunt," where Archer must break into the ISIS mainframe to fix his wonky expense reports.]

Tell me about seeing your shout-out for the first time.

We were in a tent in Afghanistan and I put it on my laptop. Now all my buddies think I’m this rich guy.

Did you think they would play your shout out?

They played some other extras. Kate sent me tickets to the show, and she said they don’t play that [clip] at every show, they just played that because I was there. After that, everyone in my area was buying me a drink. I thought it was hilarious. My phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I had to put my phone on silent. H. Jon Benjamin even answered one of my questions [during the Q&A portion] but I was on my phone.

"Archer" begin its fourth season Thursday, January 17 at 10 p.m. on FX.