Everything you want to know about Rust Cohle from 'True Detective'


Matthew McConaughey—the guy who was once resigned to co-starring in crappy rom-coms with Kate Hudson—took the stage at the Oscars on Sunday to accept the Academy's Best Actor award. This coming Sunday, he'll again dominate all television-related conversations as his smash hit, HBO drama True Detective wraps its first, phenomenal season.

In advance of the season finale, McConaughey spoke with Rolling Stone at length about the show and his character, Rustin Cohle. Among the revelations contained therein is the fact that McConaughey created a 450-page graph charting the live and times of Rust. His four versions of the character evolve through the show's jumps in time and help to explain how the actor was able to channel the persona he embodies on-screen.

"A little looser mix of Crash and the '95 Cohle. A guy who's made his boundaries clear and has to mark less territory, so he's relaxed into his way in the world. But the case is still his lifeline. He has some small hope that there's going to be a way out of his being and pain and criticism, so he makes an effort into domesticity, a la the girlfriend. Only to prove that he was not made for it, and there is no way out. So what does he do? He resigns to his nature, once again."

If you've seen even five seconds of the show, chances are that you're addicted and you'd be wise to consume Rolling Stone's breakdown of Rust Cohle and their full interview with the man who brought him to life.

So it wasn't Fast Times with Woody and Matthew in New Orleans?
I'm not much into that. I've got a family; Woody's got a family.

But Nic did mention one heavy tequila night you guys had early on….
Well, that's what I was saying earlier about Nic, about how he and I could share the brutal truth. We said some things to each other that night that most people would wake up the next day and go, "I think I completely severed my relationship with that other person." But I was like, "What a great night!" And he was the same way. We flipped off into the fourth dimension and then let off a lot of steam, let out a lot of things.

Enjoy the finale on Sunday. And may your dreams be free of Spaghetti Monsters.