Everything you need to see from Justin Timberlake's SNL episode

Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Justin Timberlake this week and anybody who's ever been important or funny or famous stopped by to lend a hand. To open the show, JT was inducted into the Five Timers Club, where he was joined by Paul Simon, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Alec Baldwin, the Three Amigos and Candice Bergen all made cameos.

Justin Timberlake as a feminist porn star wearing cutoff jorts? Justin Timberlake as a feminist porn star wearing cutoff jorts.

In this skit, he's dressed up as tofu singing, dancing, rapping, and Harlem shaking to get folks to "bring it on down to Veganville."

Two mother lovers and two wild and crazy guys compete on a dating game show. Andy Samberg and the Festrunk Brothers came back to SNL for Justin Timberlake's episode. Try not to stare at their bulges.

JT performs "Suit & Tie" with a little help from Jay-Z because, Illuminati. Also, he changes the lyrics to make fun of Kanye West because making fun of Kanye West will never go out of style. Timberlake sings, "My hits so sick got rappers actin' dramatic."

Andy Samberg ventured into some obscure section of Maine that's down on the bayou. There's an alligator in the court room and Jason Sudeikis spends five minutes mocking people from Louisiana.

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