Come the end of October, 6ABC will reportedly be down a couple of familiar faces.

Longtime New Jersey reporter Nora Muchanic will retire from the station on Oct. 31 alongside Andy Doane, her longtime cameraman. Muchanic has been with the station for 31 years, while Doane has been there 30 years, reports.

Muchanic joined 6ABC in 1986 as a New Jersey correspondent, and began hosting Perspective NJ, a public affairs talk show targeted at New Jersey residents, in 1987. A Garden State native, Muchanic earned a communications degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey before breaking into broadcast news.

Doane, meanwhile, began working with ABC in 1977, and moved to the network's Trenton bureau several years later. By 1987, he was paired up with Muchanic, and the two remained together for three decades.

"He's my work husband," Muchanic told of Doane. "We're like an old married couple."