Angus T. Jones on ‘Two and a Half Men’: ‘Please stop watching’

 What is it in the water over at Two and a Half Men? One of the most popular and long-running sitcoms of the modern era seems to have a strange effect on its cast (besides making them filthy rich).

First Charlie Sheen had his thermonuclear meltdown, leading to his departure from the show.

Now Angus T. Jones, who has played the Half of the title for ten seasons as Jake, appears to want off the reservation.

In this video, Jones, 19, describes his religious conversion to Christopher Hudson, a Seventh Day Adventist preacher also known as Forerunner 777 on his controversial series of YouTube sermons.

Check out Jones’s feelings about the show. No ambiguity here. “Please stop watching it…please stop filling your head with filth.”

You heard the man. No more makeout scenes with recurring guest star Miley Cyrus -- his primary plot line this season.

What do you think of Jones’s testimony? How long do you think he’ll remain on the show? 

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