‘Under the Dome’ goes through the roof for CBS

Abington's Mike Vogel tries to get the word out

Under the Dome, the CBS series based on a Stephen King novel, opened last night with ratings fireworks. The thriller drew more viewers – 13.14 million -- than any series debuting in summer since 2007.

The last time a network show did that well in hot weather was six years ago: The Singing Bee on NBC. For CBS, it was the best summer showing in 13 years – since Big Brother. (OK, the debut of that reality series drew 22.29, but you have to adjust for deflation.)

Oddly enough, though CBS handily won Monday night in overall viewers, NBC’s coverage of the Black Hawks’ clinching Stanley Cup win took the adult crown with a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 year old demographic.



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