‘Idol': A night of crazy extremes

You know how bad you have to be to get negative feedback from the judges on American Idol? In last night’s Top 6 performance show, Lazaro Arbos uncorked a rendition of The Carpenters’ “Close to You” so bad it stunned the four oracles.

Randy Jackson actually said, “That was the worst performance you’ve ever had on the show. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.”

How bad was it, you may ask. Hold onto your hats. Here we go.


The good news was that Candice Glover killed. The theme of the night was one song written by David Bacharach and Hal David and one song the contestants wish they had written.

And Candice blew the doors off both, first with “Don’t Make Me Over” and then with what seemed a very odd choice, “Lovesong” by the Cure. That must have made the hair of the Cure’s singer/songwriter Robert Smith stand on end. Wait, that’s how it usually looks.

Here is Candice’s torchy triumph which Randy called “One of the greatest performances in history.” Enrico Caruso must be turning over in his grave.

So who goes home tonight? Don’t forget that Lazaro somehow ended up in the Top 3 last week, so he clearly has a loyal cadre of fans. But if he doesn’t get booted, a grave injustice will have been done. I wouldn’t be surprised if it leads to a Congressional investigation.

Candice’s extraordinary ascent reminds me of the way Fantasia just suddenly took over the competition in season 3.


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