Photos: Catball Eats It All launch party

Gamers gathered at Masthead Print Studio for the Catball Eats It All launch party.

A big congratulations to Nosego and team for launching the brand new and super fun game for your iPhone and iPad: Catball Eats It All!

This seriously rad game entails you (the catball) to navigate through different and beautifully hand-painted mini-worlds eating everything in sight.  The more the Catball eats, the bigger it gets! The point of the game? To get as big as you can before the timer runs out! Sounds simple enough right? Well don’t be fooled, the Catball also has an enemy; the Dogwall, which you must avoid at all costs!

Now, we know you want to download this app. right away.  Go here to download Catball Eats it All!