Monday, May 25, 2015

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Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly are twin idols of the American imagination. They defined between them the range and shape of desire in the 1950s.
'Saint Laurent': A look at the fabric of YSL’s life
TV picks: TCM goes to war, 'Grace of Monaco' and more
Olsen Twins won't be part of 'Full House' reunion series
Zach Woods, the Trenton-born, Yardley-bred star of HBO's Silicon Valley, roused the ire of many a Philadelphian last month when he said Philadelphia is "kind of a racist city" on Marc Maron's WTF podcast. Adding insult to injury, he referenced a mishmash of memories about fan behavior: "When I was growing up and Santa Claus would skate onto the ice around Christmastime at Flyers games, people would throw batteries at Santa Claus," Woods told Maron.
‘Silicon Valley’ star: Philly is ‘a racist city’
'Silicon Valley’ star apologizes for Philly comment
Maron: Anti-Philly ‘Silicon Valley’ star ‘a fragile guy’
"Tomorrowland," the current dystopian view of the future, takes its place among 10 from the past.
'When I was a kid, the future was different," George Clooney grumbles at the start of Tomorrowland, Disney's ambitious, big-budget adventure. Then the Brad Bird-directed fantasy, which opened Friday, toggles back to the 1964 World's Fair, where optimism and invention ruled the day - and promised even better days ahead for humankind.
'Poltergeist': A splendid remake without depth of original
First look at Bradley Cooper in 'Wet Hot American Summer' sequel
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