Thursday, July 10, 2014
Inquirer Daily News


For the first show in its sold-out two-night stand at the Mann on Tuesday, Phish and its devoted audience checked off the rituals that America's prog-rocking jam band par excellence and its fans have shared since 1983.
In the 1980s, Dave and Phil Alvin played together in the Blasters, the great California band that masterfully mixed vernacular music styles with wildcat rock-and-roll energy.
Rock veterans Pink Floyd are to release their first new album in 20 years.
Given the sacrosanct aura that's developed around pretty much everything to do with the Beatles over the last half-century, it seems unbelievable that anything related to them might have gone missing.
There's more to Wissinoming's Shore Road Tavern than meets the eye and ear.
It’s strange to think that Death From Above’s incredible album You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine is a decade old.
For Natalie Merchant, music serves a high purpose: It's spiritual, it's topical, it's functional.
Behind the stage, seagulls bobbed and boats rocked in the Delaware River current.
It's summer, and in Philadelphia, as in many cities across the land, that means open-air movies, many of them free.
For decades, Denny Somach, rock entrepreneur, author, and collector, has lived the life Jay Z so memorably described: "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man."
Does Robin Thicke creep you out? No matter how you felt about the Canadian R&B singer after he broke big last year with the blithe "Blurred Lines" - and seemed all too happy to have Miley Cyrus twerk on him at the MTV awards - chances are you'll be put off by the skeevy aspects of Paula.
Dan DeLuca: These are the songs of summer