Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Inquirer Daily News


Weirdos of the world, unite—after all, there's no better reason to do so than a Primus show. California's favorite experimental rock band announced today that they'll soon be releasing their eighth studio album, Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, and launching a US tour this October.
R. Kelly has been dropped from an upcoming music festival in Ohio following a slew of complaints over his controversial past.
Nellie McKay - singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author, stand-up comedian, performance artist - often is seen as an unorthodox entertainer.
Wiz Khalifa has expressed his disappointment with fellow rapper Tyga for pulling out of his new North American tour, insisting it was a "wack move".
Deathcore band among featured acts at Susquehanna Bank Center; Miss May I is making Mayhem for the first time.
Newport Jazz Festival founder George Wein is more interested in where jazz is going than in where it's been as he marks the 60th anniversary of the granddaddy of all outdoor jazz festivals.
Tom Petty's 13th album with his perennially underrated backup band is being hyped as a jolt of energy in comparison with Mojo.
Until his death in 1991, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury was one of Western music's great anomalies.
Aussie legend rages on in Fairmount Park.
Nicki Minaj has left little to the imagination by baring her back on the cover for her new single.
As he moved across a thrust stage that cut a semicircle through the first several rows of the crowd at the Mann Center on Friday night, Nick Cave looked from the middle distance like an astronaut venturing into deepest space, his only tether the microphone cord that fans passed from hand to hand like a sacred object.