The Roots and Elvis Costello made 'brilliant album' due out in April

Philly's own The Legendary Roots Crew double as the house band for Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show. The gig puts Questlove and company in the same room with a number of incredible musicians, comedians, actors, and the like. Like, Elvis Costello, for instance.

Costello and The Roots collaborated together so well, that they decided to get together for a song that they planned to release on Record Store Day in April. That collaboration quickly morphed from one song, to a handful of songs, to a full album that Questlove says is "brilliant."

Roots drummer Questlove recently talked with NYU Local about jamming with Costello in the Roots' dressing room studio at Fallon and the album they made together. "After Elvis Costello's third appearance, we liked him so much we were like, 'Hey why don’t we make a record?'" said Questlove. "What went from being one song to be released on Record Store Day became 'Why don't we try four songs?' Now we have a brilliant album."

Though Costello wants to keep the album's title a secret for now, Questlove was quick to gush about its content. It drops on 4/20. [Rolling Stone]