Philly rapper, Asaad, calls out Pusha T at concert

Although the Philly rapper had the privilege of opening up for Pusha T at his Philly concert last Friday, he was less than grateful.

Union Transfer was all a-buzz when Pusha T put on a phenomenal performance, this past Friday. The G.O.O.D. Music label artist launched his first solo project last year and has been trail blazing ever since. But one Philly rapper couldn’t take the heat when it came time to open up for the show.

Our city’s own Asaad was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be one of the opening acts on Friday, and couldn’t hold himself back from telling the crowd exactly how he felt at that very moment. Without hesitation, he shouted “Fuck that n*gga. We in my city.”–referring to Pusha T– into the audience and encouraging the attendees to start a “F*ck Pusha T” chant.

When Asaad left the stage, the harassment didn’t stop. Following his stunning statement, he continued his rant via social media. The rapper sent tweet after tweet attacking Pusha T for supposedly stealing material. His anger seems to have stemmed from Pusha T releasing a song called “New God Flow” shortly after Asaad put out a song titled “God Flow”.

[ HipHopDX

UPDATE watch Asaad dish out his disses in the video below.