Made in America: Janelle Monae

Made In America 2012
Janelle Monae performs at the "Made In America" music festival on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012, in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

After MMG, the crowd made their way across the tree lines Eakins Oval - an excellent source of shade during the day, or for fest goers who had a few too many Buds to find something to lean on - to see pompadour Afroes pint sized polymorphous musical dervish Janelle Monae.

Before the crowd, which was racially mixed, with a plurality of white faces, the man himself - Jay-Z - was already there watching from the side of the stage.

He was treated to a highly energized 45 minutes from Monae, who came out dressed as a hooded Jedi knight, before throwing off her robe to to reveal her fancy restaurant food server androgynous outfit. She moved from tightly coiled funk to prof rock flourishes and was in a constant state of motion, treating the crowd to a cover of the Jackson Five's " Iwant You back" as well as the show stopping "Tightrope" an inspired, light stepping James Brown rip. of all the Saturday performers, it was Mone's multifarious approach that best embodies Made in Maerica's stated aim of breaking down musical barriers.