Sing-song-y, platinum-plated, Grammy-dissing Canadian rapper Drake has been hyping his next, new album More Life, almost since the time of his last album, Views, which he dropped last spring.

In September 2016, he mentioned that six or seven new tunes were ready for a new school mixtape album project while on tour in the States. In October 2016, he released four singles to celebrate his birthday - "Fake Love", "Sneakin'," "Two Birds, One Stone" and "Wanna Know (Remix)" – all scheduled to be included on More Life, a "playlist of all original music" whose cover would feature a fantastic shot of his pop, Dennis Graham donning a long mustache, wearing a stylish bow tie and a silk noragi, and smoking a pipe. While the album was first scheduled to drop in December, further tweets from the Drizzy Drake camp signaled that More Life would have a February/March 2017 release.

That's what made March 3's Instagram note so exciting – one that read (written in Swedish yet), that his newest album would drop on Saturday, March 4. ("Om du över sätter det här är det försent," it reads, which means, "If you're reading/translating this, it's too late."). Drake's own OVO Sound Radio Episode 38 found its DJ (and Drake's business partner) Oliver El-Khatib announcing likewise that More Life would be premiered on its next installment, which hit March 4, 2017. Between March 3 and March 4, the rap internet nearly broke with hot anticipation.

Sadly though, no sooner than Drake put up said next-day-release note on his champagnepapi Instagram handle, he deleted it (XXL Mag snagged a screen shot of the Instagram before Drizzy pulled it down ) without reason or rhyme.

Look around you: do you see or hear More Life anywhere?

Is Drake pulling a Life of Pablo with More Life, the same way that Kanye West announced, then scrubbed, several release dates as Mr. Yeezy Kardashian continued to dabble with Pablo's sound and song list? Was it a grand welcome to Sweden whose country Drake is currently touring? Is he playing rope-a-dope with its imminent release with a silent surprise date to follow shortly? Or is he just looking to maintain Beyonce-like mystique for what will surely be one of 2017's albums of the year?