Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Drake has become the latest rapper to find himself at the center of a plagiarism lawsuit.
NEW YORK (AP) - What's up with 4 Non Blondes? How about a one-night-only reunion?
Moral of the story: beware the pretty, pouty foreign exchange student unless you want your whole life busted up. Not to be too glib, because Drake Doremus' Breathe In - with Felicity Jones in the role of the soulful homewrecker from across the pond - is full of grace notes, keenly observed moments nicely played (and underplayed). Still, this is the stuff of so many movies, novels, and plays it's almost a shock to see Doremus and his cast pull any suspense, or surprise, out of the thing at all.
Miley Cyrus could be out of action for up to a month as she struggles to recover from an allergic reaction to antibiotics.
It seems very likely! Page Six reports that the musical power couple might be heading out on a 20-city U.S. tour together beginning in June.
Milquetoast extraordinaire Elliott was so nice (read: spineless) when he was in high school, he'd greet with a sweet smile the bullies who daily jammed his head in the toilet bowl.
The former Carol Burnett of Argentina.
Mac DeMarco Canadian indie-hero Mac DeMarco - now based in Brooklyn, of course - steps up the must-hear list with his second full-length album, Salad Days, in which the 23-year-old singer-songwriter gets sort-of serious on songs like "Chamber of Refl
ARIES (March 21-April 19) (sss) Just because Friday starts well does not mean it ends well. Try as you may to discount that statement, the cold shoulder hits. The solution lies in not looking at the next few days as pivotal or romantically significant.
Timed to the 30th anniversary of 'Purple Rain.'