Dear Reader: We're serving up something new


These are exciting times at the Inquirer, Daily News, and Food Department.

You've clamored for more food coverage, so we've added reporters to write about such topics as dining and cooking trends. We've also pumped up our resources, adding more of the popular Craig LaBan dining guides. (Stay tuned: The next one is only three weeks away!)

Part of the change is right here in your inbox. This will be the last edition of "Dining In & Out," which for five years was a weekly compedium of some of our work in the newspapers.

For our next course, you'll receive "Let's Eat," our weekly guide to the Philly region's food scene. This is the fresh stuff. Mike Klein, who's been on the beat for 25 years, runs down the area's hot new restaurants and points you to old favorites you need to try. Have a food or restaurant question? Craig LaBan will answer it.

Look for it in your inbox midday Wednesday, and thanks for reading.