Saturday, December 27, 2014


Big Eyes Director Tim Burton finds his dream subject: husband and wife Walter and Margaret Keane, whose paintings of saucer-eyed waifs and tearful clowns were the kitsch hit of the '60s. He claimed the images were his, but she really made them, locked away in a studio like some Grimm Brothers unfortunate. Christoph Waltz and a great Amy Adams bring the couple to life in this wondrously strange true story about art, heartbreak, and intellectual property theft. PG-13
CLIFTON, N.J. (AP) - A power outage during the controversial movie "The Interview" stunned and confused an audience in New Jersey.
The star of "The Imitation Game" talks about the real Joan, the London bombing and the twisted logic of war.
NEW YORK (AP) - Critics and early viewers agree that "The Interview" is less than a masterpiece. But thanks to threats from hackers that nearly derailed its release, it has become an event.
Reprinted from Thursday's editions. If Mark Wahlberg's new pic, The Gambler, feels like a stale rehash of existential tropes, that's because it is.
'Foolishness can happen in the woods," Chris Pine, as the handsome Prince, sings to Emily Blunt, as the Baker's Wife who has just planted an adulterous kiss on said preening royal in Into the Woods.
'With your big eyes and your big lies . . . ," Lana Del Rey purrs over the end titles of Tim Burton's Big Eyes.
Beyond all the hoopla, beyond the international dustup, and beyond the cyberattack on movie studio Sony and the 9/11-style attack threats, Seth Rogen's The Interview, a satirical political thriller about a plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is - crazy funny.
LOS ANGELES ( - Egypt has banned Christian Bale's "Exodus: Gods and Kings" a week before its planned New Year's Eve release, according to 20th Century Fox.
Blackout stuns NJ 'Interview' audience