Monday, March 2, 2015


"Did I just die?" Those pretty much are the last words you want to hear from your lover. Especially if she's as lovely as Olivia Wilde.
The best con artist movies - The Grifters, The Sting, Matchstick Men, David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner and House of Games - bamboozle the mark and the audience at the same time. You're left in awed disbelief. How'd they do that? (And how did the word bamboozle come into being, anyway?)
Gabe Polsky's Red Army is a documentary about hockey - call it a hockumentary, or a puckumentary, if you must. (I must, apparently.) But this madly entertaining account of the Soviets' historic domination of the game - repeatedly winning Olympic gold, the
Here's a different kind of meet-cute: She's a real-life (real-death?) vampire, he's a mere mortal dressed as Dracula, fake fangs and cowl. They're at a costume party. Their eyes lock. The music rumbles. They move closer.
Production on Bruce Willis' independent film Wake has been shut down just 10 days into shooting because of problems securing financing.
American kids often have a raised-eyebrow reaction when they find out Israel has conscription: All citizens over 18 must serve with the Israel Defense Forces. Men for three years, women for two.
LOS ANGELES ( - A new romance is dominating the bigsreen.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee is getting the official biopic treatment, daughter Shannon Lee announced Friday.
NEW YORK (AP) - Will Smith's con-man caper "Focus" disrobed "Fifty Shades of Grey" at the box office, but the film's modest $19.1 million opening still left questions about the drawing power of the once unstoppable star.