Friday, May 29, 2015


Even as cancer spread throughout his body, Frank Bender couldn't help but satisfy his vision.
VARIETY-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM/NEWS:10 Reasons 'Kung Fury' Was the Most Awesome Project in Cannes
Reynaldo Rey, a longtime actor who appeared as Red's father in 1995 hit "Friday," died Thursday in Los Angeles, his manager confirmed. He was 75.
THE PITCH meeting for "San Andreas" probably comprised three words: "Taken" plus earthquakes.
Rumors that Bradley Cooper’s “Aloha” is a stinker turn out to be mostly true, despite the contributions of Cooper, Bill Murray and Emma Stone
Sony Pictures executives are standing by director Cameron Crowe's casting decisions for new movie Aloha after he was criticized for failing to hire Asian-Pacific Islanders to appear in the film, which is set in Hawaii.
LOS ANGELES ( - "Tomorrowland's" middling debut points to a nagging problem in Hollywood. As much as people claim they love fresh and unique movies, they're more likely to shell out money for sequels and reboots.
LOS ANGELES ( - New Line's feature adaptation of Stephen King's "It" has lost its director.
Although the names are absent from the credits, it's impossible not to note the handiwork of Scandinavian scribes Forrest Forrestgumponsson and Zelig Zeligsson on the jolly, geriatric romp The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.