Monday, July 28, 2014
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LOS ANGELES ( - As Marvel finalizes surprises for its Comic-Con panel on Saturday, the rumor mill regarding "Doctor Strange" has reached...
Richard Linklater catches lightning in a bottle in "Boyhood, a drama taken from footage shot over 12 years in a boy's life.
When it comes to sheer comic-book fun, few summer movies deliver a more consistent, satisfying, thoroughly enjoyable shot of cinematic jouissance than the delightfully adventurous actress Scarlett Johansson's latest bit of strange, Lucy.
SAN DIEGO (AP) - Several members of "The Avengers" descended on Comic-Con on Saturday to debut the first footage from the upcoming superhero sequel.
It is only after the tense, terrible climax of A Most Wanted Man - a betrayal as brutal as it was inevitable - that the realization that Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone hits you.
TOKYO (AP) - Japanese fans want it known: The radiation-breathing, skyscraper-stomping monster they call "Gojira" was born right here in Japan, 60 years ago.
Jul 25 ( - A bore, a drag, an eyesore, a trifle: Brett Ratner‘s ‘roid-brained “Hercules” is all of these, but most of all it's a self-satisfied smirk drawn on a 64-ounce protein shake.
What if you could torture, kill, and dismember someone, only to grab 'em again the next day and do it all over again?