Friday, March 6, 2015


There's a particularly telling scene midway through Adam Carolla's new feature, Road Hard. The movie is a droll, if not entirely successful, semiautobiographical comedy starring Carolla as a former TV star so desperate to breathe life back into his career that he goes on the road as a stand-up comic.
Neill Blomkamp’s robot actioner is a loud mess
Sigourney Weaver promises that the "Alien" franchise is in good hands with "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp, and she's looking forward to returning to her signature role of Ellen Ripley in a new installment in the science-fiction series.
NEW DELHI (AP) - India's home minister said Thursday that the government would act against the British Broadcasting Corporation after it ignored a court order and aired a documentary about a fatal gang rape in which one of the attackers blames the victim.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - And you thought Hollywood's award season was over.
LOS ANGELES ( - A comedy with its heart in the right place and everything else bizarrely out of joint, "Unfinished Business" finds director Ken Scott following 2013's "Delivery Man" with another dubious attempt to sell audiences on Vince Vaughn's sensitive side.
LOS ANGELES ( - A chamber drama in which even the chamber itself is on the verge of collapse, Raoul Peck's "Murder in Pacot" offers little scope for healing as it surveys the geographical and psychological wreckage wrought by Haiti's catastrophic 2010 earthquake.
THE GENTLEMEN stationed at the Disney princess tribute at the Philadelphia Flower Show were doing their best to be patient with me.
It was the night of the "Fight of the Century," March 8, 1971 - Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier going 15 rounds in Madison Square Garden, millions hunkered in front of TVs and radios. But not eight young activists in Media, just outside Philadelphia. This group of college-age kids, a professor, young parents were picking locks and rifling file cabinets at a regional office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Film review: 'Murder in Pacot'