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On assignment to write an article for 'The New Yorker,' Truman Capote traveled to a small Kansas town, where he began to investigate and report on the gruesome murder of a local family. At first leery of the writer, the townsfolk come to trust Capote and allow him into their lives, giving him his story.
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Oct 21 - 1:00 AM
In the exceptional character study of author and personality Truman Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman resembles a furless hare in tortoiseshell glasses. Pink and supersensitive, he sniffs out the toxic secrets beneath landscapes and faces, swallows them whole, and coughs up a masterpiece about the secure, stable world of the American heartland and the rootless drifters who would despoil it.

Capote spans the years 1959 to 1965. It opens with the Breakfast at Tiffany's scribe reading a news story about the Clutters, four members of a prosperous farming family, found murdered in Holcomb, Kan., and ends with the snap of the hangman's noose that concludes his 1966 nonfiction classic In Cold Blood. » Read more

MPAA rating:
for some violent images and brief strong language
Mark Pellegrino; Bob Balaban; Bruce Greenwood; Craig Archibald; Amy Ryan; Chris Cooper; Catherine Keener; Kwesi Ameyaw; Clifton Collins; Jr; Philip Seymour Hoffman
Directed by:
Bennett Miller
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Capote Official Site
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