Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Outsider

The Outsider

Recalled from the battlefields of Afghanistan to identify the remains of his daughter, British mercenary Lex Walker arrives in Los Angeles to find that the body in the morgue belongs to a stranger. With his daughter now missing, Walker convinces a street-wise detective that his daughter is still alive and in danger. The two follow a trail of high-tech intrigue that leads them to his daughter's former boss, a crooked cyber-millionaire who will do whatever it takes to protect his empire - including taking down anyone who gets in his way. Driven by desperation and rage, Walker must fight his way through an army of thugs and hired killers to save the one person that means more to him than life itself.
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Feb 6 - 12:38 PM
No need to ask to whom the title of The Outsider refers. Craig Fairbrass' hulking Lex character not only speaks with a Cockney accent, but he's the only guy in L.A. without a car. He walks, takes a cab, or, if he's in a really big hurry, hijacks a car. Usually, he's in a big hurry. » Read more

MPAA rating:
Craig Fairbrass; Shannon Elizabeth; Jason Patric; James Caan
Directed by:
Brian A. Miller
Action, Adventure; Drama
Running time:
Release date:
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