Friday, March 27, 2015

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

Set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangier, an underground musician, deeply depressed by the direction of human activities, reunites with his resilient and enigmatic lover. Their love story has already endured several centuries at least, but their debauched idyll is soon disrupted by her wild and uncontrollable younger sister. Can these wise but fragile outsiders continue to survive as the modern world collapses around them?
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MPAA rating:
for language and brief nudity
Anton Yelchin; John Hurt; Wayne Brinston; Slimane Dazi; Jeffrey Wright; Tom Hiddleston; Carter Logan; Mia Wasikowska; Tilda Swinton
Directed by:
Jim Jarmusch
Drama; Horror; Romance
Running time:
Release date:
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