Sunday, May 3, 2015

No Place on Earth

No Place on Earth

The film brings to light the untold story of thirty-eight Ukrainian Jews who survived World War II by living in caves for eighteen months, the longest-recorded sustained underground survival. Built upon interviews with former cave inhabitants, as well as Chris Nicola, the caving enthusiast who unearthed the story, "No Place on Earth" is an extraordinary testament to ingenuity, willpower and endurance against all odds.
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Medicine bottles. Buttons. A child's shoe. While cave–diving in Ukraine, spelunker Chris Nicola found these signs of life in a place where few humans were thought to have set foot. These mundane items surely told an extraordinary story. Nicola was compelled to find their owners. » Read more

MPAA rating:
for thematic elements including brief violent images
Chris Nicola; Sonia Dodyk; Sima Dodyk; Sam Stermer; Saul Stermer
Directed by:
Janet Tobias
Running time:
Release date:
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