Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Changing the Game

Changing the Game

An epic tale about a bright young African-American male who rises from the ferocious and oppressive streets of North Philadelphia to being a shining star in the lucrative world of high finance at Wall Street's most prestigious firm. However, he soon finds that the white-collar world is filled with crime and death just like the drug-filled hood he left behind. His only chance of survival is to fully integrate a mysterious gift from a slain childhood friend fully into the fabric of his character.
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May 10 - 8:53 PM
“CHANGING THE GAME,” the second feature from Philadelphia independent filmmaker Rel Dowdell, surely cannot be faulted for its scope or ambition. The movie is a literary, sprawling, age-of-globalization story about a North Philadelphia guy with a genius I.Q. who goes to Penn and then to high finance, and learns that Wall Street (surprise!) is no less treacherous than the mean streets he knew as a youth. » Read more

MPAA rating:
for language throughout, some drug content, sexuality/nudity and violence
Tony Todd; Dennis L.A. White; Irma P. Hall; Brandon Ruckdashel; Ted Ferguson; Suzzanne Douglas; Raw Leiba; Jessica Czop; Nicoye Banks; Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones
Directed by:
Rel Dowdell
Running time:
Release date:
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