Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Robot & Frank

Robot & Frank

Set in the near future, Frank, a retired cat burglar, has two grown kids who are concerned he can no longer live alone. They are tempted to place him in a nursing home until Frank's son chooses a different option: against the old man's wishes, he buys Frank a walking, talking humanoid robot programmed to improve his physical and mental health. What follows is an often hilarious and somewhat heartbreaking story about finding friends and family in the most unexpected places.
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Steven Rea: Set "in the near future," but grappling with issues that are all about the past - reclaiming it, struggling to remember it, letting it go - Robot & Frank is a small, sweet character study that affords Frank Langella another opportunity to shine. » Read more

MPAA rating:
for some language
Rachael Ma; Joshua Ormond; Frank Langella; Liv Tyler; Jeremy Strong; Liev Schreiber; James Marsden; Peter Saarsgard; Bonnie Bentley; Susan Sarandon
Directed by:
Jake Schreier
Running time:
Release date:
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