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Wedding Palace

This film has been called the Korean-American "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Abandoned at the altar, Jason's family approaches bridal replacements, but to their horror, he rejects them all. On a business trip to Korea, he meets the girl of his dreams, Na Young. They embark on a cyber love affair fueled by imagination and video chats. Jason proposes and his family is delighted. When Na Young arrives, Jason's wacky family screws things up at every turn causing a roller coaster of ups and downs to this modern romance. Jason will have to bridge the gap between family expectations and true love. Award winning indie trail blazer, WEDDING PALACE is the first ever US-Korea indie co-production and was shot in Los Angeles and Seoul.
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'Wedding Palace' a big fat Korean letdown

By Tirdad Derakhshani, Inquirer Staff Writer

    MPAA rating:
    Bobby Lee; Brian Tee; Stephen Park; Margaret Cho; Kang Hye-jung
    Directed by:
    Christine Yoo
    Comedy; Family, Children's; Romance
    Running time:
    Release date: