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The We and the I

It is the last day of the school year, and a group of Bronx high-schoolers board a city bus to make their way home. With the summer break ahead, and feeling more liberated than usual, this colorful crowd of kids-- the cool ones, the outsiders, and everyone in between--act out as only teens can when they are among their peers and away from authority figures. Oblivious to the grown-ups in their midst, (who are smart enough to either get out of the way or get off the bus entirely), they gossip and gloat, brag and bully, cajole and confide, exchange truths and tall tales, and spar verbally and physically. In short, they are unapologetically themselves at this pivotal point in their lives when the pressures and realities of adulthood have yet to turn them into someone else. In the course of this one afternoon, as day fades to evening and they say goodbye to one another--and to a little bit of their childhood-- all their friendships, rivalries, anxieties, and ambitions are gradually revealed.
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'The We and the I': Director gets in way of teens' reality

By Elizabeth Horkley, Inquirer Staff Writer

    MPAA rating:
    Paula A. Jones; Alex Barrios; Michael Brodie; Laidychen Carrasco; Jonathan Scott Worrell; Brandon Diaz; Raymond Rios; Joe Mele; Evonny Escoto; Meghan Murphy
    Directed by:
    Michel Gondry
    Running time:
    Release date: