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Silent Night

It's the night before Christmas, and not a creature is stirring-except for a psycho axe murderer disguised as Santa. When Sheriff Cooper and Deputy Aubrey Bradimore investigate a horrific mass homicide at a local motel on Christmas Eve, they discover there is a killer Santa Claus on the loose. The officers quickly conclude that the killer is still in the area-but there is one problem: tonight is the annual Santa costume contest, and nearly every guy in town is wearing a red suit and a white beard, including Deputy Bradimore's own father. With the town's body count rising, the race is on to put an end to the jolly old St. Nick's murderous rampage.
MPAA rating:
for bloody violence, some sexuality/nudity, language and brief drug use
Ali Tataryn; Jessica Cameron; Brendan Fehr; Malcolm McDowell; Cortney Palm; Lisa Marie; Ellen Wong; Jaime King; Donal Logue
Directed by:
Steven C. Miller
Running time:
Release date: