Sunday, February 14, 2016

Deadfall (Kin)

Deadfall (Kin)

Siblings Addison and Liza are on the run from a casino heist gone wrong. When a car accident leaves their wheel man and a state trooper dead, they split up and make a run for the Canadian border in the worst of circumstances - a near whiteout blizzard. While Addison heads cross-country, creating mayhem in his wake, Liza is picked up by ex-boxer Jay, en-route for a Thanksgiving homecoming with his parents, June and retired sheriff Chet. It's there the siblings are reunited in a terse and thrilling showdown that pushes the bonds of family to the limit.
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Dec 13 - 1:22 PM
Deadfall, an entertainingly nasty diversion about brother and sister ne'er-do-wells on the lam in the wintry hinterlands of upper Michigan, is a few weeks late getting to Philadelphia. » Read more
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MPAA rating:
For strong violence, language and sexuality
Jason Cavalier; Sissy Spacek; Allison Graham; Treat Williams; Eric Bana; Kate Mara; Olivia Wilde; Alain Goulem; Kris Kristofferson; Charlie Hunnam
Directed by:
Stefan Ruzowitzky
Running time:
Release date:
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