I don't know whether it's an offer you can't refuse, but it's a pretty good one: 12 bucks to see a pristine digital version of The Godfather, to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the classic film.

The screening -- 7 p.m. Saturday, April 8 at the Perelman Theater in the Kimmel Center -- will be hosted by Philadelphia Magazine's Victor Fiorillo. The Godfather was originally released on March 24, 1972, and Fiorillo said of the screening, "I got as close as I possibly could."

The "print" is actually a 4K DCP (digital cinema package) from Paramount, and  it will offer fans a chance to experience The Godfather on the big screen in, quite literally, a new way -- the digital version will offer crisper details.

Says Fiorillo: "I screened the 4K DCP of Rocky at the Kimmel in December and it was really amazing, all of the things that people saw and heard before that they didn't notice until seeing it there." The tickets are $12, and 10 percent of all ticket sales will go to Sister Mary Scullion's Project HOME.