The art of the short

What is the narrative architecture of a short? How do you get everything you want to say – and shoot – into a format that works for a 10-minute, or 20-minute, or 30-minute movie? Do character arcs matter? Is someone who uses the term “character arc” allowed in the room?

Learn the answers to these and other burning questions on Wednesday, August 15, at the “Shorts for Summer… How to Write a Short Film” one-off course being offered by MindSpot, the eclectic learning venue launched this summer at the historic Plastic Club on Camac Street. David Greenberg, who teaches screenwriting at the University of the Arts and Arcadia University, and whose ’95 short, “The True Meaning of Cool,” won a special mention from the AFI, leads the session, promising “an examination of screenwriting as it applies to short films, a crash course in understanding the process of making an effective piece that both exploits the uniqueness of the form and avoids the pitfalls that many, many filmmakers encounter. ”

Info: visit to register. The class is $20, and runs 7 to 8:30 p.m. at The Plastic Club, 247 S. Camac Street in the Washington Square West/Midtown Village area.