Philly tour guide brings together Ben Franklin, time travel in Kickstarter short

Life as a historical tour guide, no doubt, is a rough one. There’s the grubby tourists, endless lists of factoids, and—in the worst cases—period dress. So, you can’t blame Temple Grad/historical tour guide Amy Frear for wanting to drop it all for a little filmy Hollywood glitz.

Which, of course, may explain the Kickstarter page for her planned short film, Another Time. Fear’s short centers on 27-year-old Harriet, an otherwise average twentysomething who believes time travel brought her here from her life in 1780s America. Perhaps Frear should explain: 

Another Time is the story of Harriet, a 27-year-old woman dealing with typical problems of indecisiveness, daily panic attacks, the sense of being lost, and a total fear of commitment. Only Harriet has more than twenty-something angst to blame for her troubles — she honestly believes she is a victim of botched time travel and belongs in 1783. Haunted by strange dreams, a hazy childhood, and strong connections to various historic parts of the city, she will suddenly be thrown into a situation that makes the question all the more pressing: Is she willing to give up finding a way home and settle into her modern existence?

While the premise of Girls with time travel sounds cool enough, all this really means one thing: Ben Franklin. In fact, famed Franklin impersonator Rob Carroll will be making a cameo in the film—which, of course, is reason enough to fund the project entirely.

Frear is looking for $5,000 to film her debut, with the Kickstarter currently topped out at just over $1,000. However, with 21 days to go, it looks like Philly’s historical tour guide scene is going to hit the big (local) screen—albeit with a sci-fi twist. 

But, hey, you’ve gotta keep the people interested somehow.