Kevin Hart announces new project with Will Ferrell, T.I.—may be ‘Get Hard’

This year is going so well for North Philly’s favorite comedian that he’s taken to breaking news via his Instagram account—everyone’s already watching anyway. His latest project? A full-length comedy with Will Ferrell and T.I.

“My hustle never stops!!! This could be legendary people!!!!,” read Hart’s accompanying message to a photo showing him mugging it with Ferrell and T.I. The project, as it turns out, could very will be the long-touted Get Hard, which, according to Hip Hop DX, “follow a wealthy investment bank manager who is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and prepares for prison with the help from the guy who washes his car.”

That film, written by Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, has been confirmed since September 2013, but this is the first we’ve heard of casting since news broke. Some things are worth the wait, though—especially if they continue the stellar year Hart has been settling into. 

As a result, expect this one out pretty quickly. After all, Kevin Hart is a busy man—ditto for Mr. Ferrell.

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