Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and James Franco join R-rated animated feature, ‘Sausage Party’

The core cast of 'This Is the End,' most of which will round out Evan Goldberg's newest effort, the R-rated, animated feature, 'Sausage Party.'

In some ways, Evan Goldberg’s creative efforts have always been somewhat of a sausage party. Now, though, he’s taking it literally with the upcoming, R-rated animated feature, Sausage Party. And he’s bringing the usual suspects along with him. 

What’s a lonely sausage to do when he falls out of someone’s grocery cart during a 4th of July sale? Sausage Party will examine that question in depth, and apparently the answer is for him to enlist the help of other store items to make it back on the shelf. All that work just to get cooked and eaten, but, then, a sausage doesn’t have much of another purpose in life—so, perhaps that’s the message. Or just an easy in for food-related blue humor, which is just as good.

Confirmed voice talent includes the usual Goldberg favorites, including Jonah Hill, James Franco and Seth Rogen. Also along for the ride are Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, and—oddly enough—Edward Norton, so at least the sausage party moniker carries over to the cast list.

With a script written by Rogen and Goldberg, Sausage Party is bound to be exceedingly dirty, so the choice of Monsters vs. Aliens director Conrad Vernon to co-direct with Thomas the Tank Engine director Greg Tieman seems a little off. Or evil genius-level perfect, depending on how far the usually family-friendly directors are willing to go. 

You can decide in 2015 when Sony unleashes Sausage Party upon the world. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy the live-action version:

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