JJ Abrams says ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ script is finished, set to film in May

Through all the rumors swirling around the next Star Wars movie, you can be sure of one thing: the script is done, and it’s going to begin shooting in May. Or, so said scribe JJ Abrams at a recent Television Critics Association press tour stop.

As Abrams said, “Have script, will travel,” and that’s just what the Star Wars: Episode VII crew is getting down to. London is the next stop for the movie, with Episode VII set to start film this coming May. No details about the plot have been revealed, but we are talking about JJ Abrams here, so the utmost of secrecy is to be expected. 

Abrams, however, was not secretive about meeting with Breaking Bad actor Jessie Plemons for a role. Though, again, being that this is JJ Abrams, news about an actor possibly making it into one of his film’s doesn’t exactly mean a whole lot. Still, though, Plemmons presence was promising.

“He was one of the people we spoke with,” Abrams said at the press stop. “It’s not often that I’m reading about actors I’m meeting. I read articles about meeting with actors and then when I see them it’s like, ‘Oh, I read I’m going to be meeting with you!’ It’s usually agents talking with people about things.” Plemmons, for his part, denied the two met at all. 

Don’t let the rumor mill worry you, though. With Abrams having penned the script with Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi co-writer Lawrence Kasdan, this one’s bound to harken back to the story’s glory days. And with Episode VII scheduled for a December 18, 2015 premiere, those glory days might be in the upswing very soon.

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