From Board Game to Big Screen

Risk: The Movie. Do you cast Djimon Hounsou to play Africa?

In recent years, moviegoers have seen theme-park rides adapted to screen (Pirates of the Caribbean) and popular toys become the stars of summer blockbusters (Transformers). And even though Clue: The Movie wasn't a hit, it was just a matter of time before Hollywood producers rifled through their kids' toy chest s to consider the big-screen potential of other  board games. 

As was reported by the Los Angeles Times this summer, Transformers' Michael Bay has been linked to a Ouija movie, Pirates Gore Verbinski has expressed interest in a Clue re-do and Hancock's Peter Berg wants to board Battleship. One might well joke, what's next, Candy Land? Except that Enchanted's Kevin Lima has his dibs on that and Gladiator's Ridley Scott on - this is not a joke -- Monopoly.  (Expect Baltic Avenue to be as tough a proving ground as the Roman Forum in Gladiator.)

Still, I was surprised at today's news that Risk has been optioned for a screen adaptation by Sony Pictures. What's left? Scrabble? (I can think of a couple of actors suitable to be cast as the blank.)

Your thoughts? Is there a game you'd like to see adapted?  Should the movie Monopoly chronicle  Donald Trump's real estate adventures in Atlantic City? Flickgrrl welcomes your riffs.