Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Most first-time directors - even veteran actors who decide to take a turn behind the camera - opt for something simple, spare, contemporary. No elaborate sets, no period costumes, no exotic locales. Stick to the basics.
The Age of Adaline A magical accident befalls Blake Lively in this romantic fantasy about a young woman whose aging process stops altogether, allowing her to go through the decades in the prime of her life. But then some hunky dude (Michiel Huisman) happens along. PG-13
Kristen Stewart in "Clouds of Sils Maria" "I've known Kristen for a long time," Julianne Moore said in an interview last year, after teaming with Stewart as mother and daughter in Still Alice. "My husband [Bart Freundlich] directed her in a movie [Catch That Kid] when she was 12 years old, and he would come home and say, 'This girl is extraordinary, and she's going to be a star.'
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. A downcast Japanese office worker - Babel's Rinko Kikuchi - leaves Tokyo after finding an old VHS tape of Fargo that seems to promise a briefcase of money is buried in the South Dakota snow. Off she goes, in this dreamlike and strange quest, full of ache and whimsy - and nutty Minnesotans. No MPAA rating
Disney's "Monkey Kingdom" had me wondering if documentary filmmakers have finally run out of cute animals.
VARIETY-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM/NEWS:'Furious 7' Crosses $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office
Inception star Tom Hardy is upset his latest film has been banned in Russia because he was looking forward to promoting it there.
On a sunny day when most students would be outside, a group of teens gather attentively around a single iPad. With the touch of a button, a Moroccan student appears on screen, posing questions for the day’s discussion.
DJ AM got a second chance at life. The celebrity deejay, born Adam Goldstein, survived a 2008 plane crash in South Carolina that killed four. Goldstein and his frequent collaborator, Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, survived.