Jonathan Storm's picks for the new TV season
Posted on Thursday, Sep 15, 2011
There are 22 hours in the prime-time week, and it can be quite a task to fill them with worthwhile viewing. But with a little planning and a DVR that records one show while you are watching another, you can do it.

The main difficulty is that there are way more than 22 hours of good TV on each week. This is one critic’s list of the best that’s on.

The No. 2 problem is that two good series frequently air opposite each other. That’s where recording and time-shifting come in. There are plenty of empty spots to watch what you’ve recorded.

Wednesdays at 10 p.m., three great series go at the same time, which is why this list requires that one show be recorded outside of prime time. FX’s An American Horror Story has an instant replay every week at 11 p.m.