Thursday, December 25, 2014


WE HAD more than 7,000 entries to the fifth annual Jen's Favorite Things holiday gift giveaway. Each of 10 lucky, randomly chosen winners will receive more than $2,000 in prizes.
Quickly update your look with your makeup in 15 minutes using 5 makeup products.
Shore season seems like a distant memory at this point, but they’re still kicking it and prepping for an eventful 2015. Say sayonara to the year that was by the oceanside on Wednesday, Dec. 31.
NYE is a funny beast. There are so many ways it can go wrong and so few ways it can go right. Having experienced pretty much all of the “bad” types of New Years, I can safely say: it’s best when there’s music involved. Here are our top picks for live music this NYE, $150 cover not required.
Recently added to Netflix, the film shows us the men behind the myth via a rag-tag group of mall Santas who Avallone followed through more than a year of yuletide trials and tribulations.
NJ filmmaker's doc looks at the men behind Santa suits
Fevered claims of a "war on Christmas" have issued regularly in recent years from tribunes on the right - Fox News and Sarah Palin prominent among them. They summon a shared (Christian) tradition, a land before greetings of "Happy Holidays" and disinvitations of Nativity scenes from the public square.
Buried with a John's Roast Pork sandwich?!
New Jersey filmmaker Tommy Avallone brings St. Nick to Netflix.
Meet the new 'Nutcracker,' good as the old 'Nutcracker'