Afternoon Snacks


Last week, we shared the Thanksgiving pre-order menu from Belle Cakery with you. But if you were hoping for even more help with the hard work of feasting, Percy St. BBQ can help. They’re taking orders now through November 15 for smoked turkeys—or even the entire meal. $65 gets you a 15-pound bird with gravy and cranberry sauce included; $225 nets dinner for six to eight people with the addition of mashed sweet potatoes (obligatory marshmallow topping included), cornbread-sausage stuffing, collard greens, baked apples, and a pecan pie.

The boon to reluctant cooks is obvious—but even for those of us who like helming an elaborate feast, a smoked turkey is a delicacy that many home cooks aren’t set up to make themselves. It’s also more than worth noting that for every smoked turkey they sell, Percy St. will be donating to a food bank to buy a turkey for a family in need. If you want to give it a try, you’ll need to call the restaurant to order by noon on Thursday the 15th; turkeys can be picked up on Wednesday, November 21, at either Percy St. location (900 South St. or the Market at Comcast Center).

Coffee obsessives will want to keep an eye on this year’s North East Regional Barista Championships and Brewer’s Cup coming up on November 3-4 in Atlantic City. Watch baristas at the top of their game craft tons of drinks under near-comical time restraints, create incredible latte art, and serve up signature espresso drinks of their own imagining. The Brewer’s Cup, meanwhile, gives the same “mystery beans” to all the competitors, who then have only a matter of minutes to brew the best possible cup of coffee for judging. Between the competition, the Bally’s AC setting, and all the free espresso being doled out to attendees, we can only imagine how frenetic the scene will be.

While it sounds like it’s nothing more than a wish at the moment, we like the idea proposed in this Passyunk Post item by the developer who’s taken over Annunciation BVM at 12th and Wharton: he thinks it would be a great home for South Philly Co-op. Of course, the Co-op still needs to build up more membership and support before they will even need a home, but it’s fun to speculate about where the project will go.

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