There was another collective cry of "Oh, no!" coming out of the 2017 Oscars, and it had nothing to do with Sunday night's misplaced envelopes or mistaken best-picture winners, and everything to do with Outlander.

The hit Starz show's leading lad and lassie, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, chose Hollywood awards season to go public with the most intriguing aspect of their private lives - who they're dating. And it isn't each other.

(Insert unprintable Gaeligh curse here, if you're so moved. But it may be time to move on, mo chridhe.)

Sam and actress MacKenzie Mauzy (she played Rapunzel in the film version of Into the Woods") were photographed at The Weinstein Company and Piaget's Oscar Weekend Kick-Off Party in L.A. Feb. 24, the Friday before the Oscar telecast. See a photo gallery of the glam couple here.

This isn't their first public outing. Mauzy posted an image of the pair after they attended the 2016 BAFTA awards in Scotland on Instagram. Fan reaction was so virulent it would've had Brit Black Jack Randall snorting his approval. The gallant Scot (see, Sam really IS like Jamie!) posted this on Twitter:

And n'ere was the couple sighted again till now. Well, except here, perhaps:

Then there's Cait. HER guy is Tony McGill, a tall, dark, studious looking fellow who has  been a much-speculated-about face in the crowd at several Outlander publicity events over the show's first two seasons.

But there was no mistaking they're a couple at the Oscar Wilde Awards Feb. 23, last Thursday, in Santa Monica. Or at this party after Sunday's Oscars:

McGill is a bit of a mystery, which these days simply means he isn't all over social media. He used to manage the Scottish band The Fratellis. He's said to co-own a London bar, The Library Pub.  He's definitely not a red-headed Scottish snooker player or an African-American clarinetist with the Metropolitan Opera  (though if our mom was picking a boyfriend for Cait, she'd lobby heavily for a classical musician over a bar owner, just sayin').

OK, deep breath. We kinda knew, right? And it's better this way, right? We no longer have to worry about a real-life Sam/Cait breakup destroying the incredible chemistry these ACTORS share on our favorite show. We can harmlessly fantasize that someday they'll date - though his preference for a petite blonde and her preference for a dark-haired laddie would indicate otherwise.

Ah, but dreams die hard. And fans with the patience to wait years for books in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" novels series, or for Starz TV versions of same, can take their time about it, can't they? Check out this fan site, its discussion of "fo-mances" and its analysis of an Oscar night photo of Sam and Cait.