Thursday, September 3, 2015

Celebrities & Gossip

With summer coming to a close, folks have been stealing away to the Jersey Shore for one last taste of the season — including, it seems, Rydal’s own Bradley Cooper.
One Direction member Harry Styles is learning the true meaning of the phrase “be careful what you wish for” after he was hit in the...
NEW YORK (AP) - Nearly nine months after exiting Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert returns Tuesday as host of CBS' "The Late Show," airing...
Also in Tattle: New “Dancing with the Stars” cast, Taylor Swift’s video whiteness defended.
Sprung from jail, reality show judge has ax to grind; announces comeback show.
Sandra Bullock, 51, is dating a dude named Bryan Randall, People asserts.
Also in Tattle: Miley’s nipplegate is a bust, new Oscar producers, Pokemon bandits jailed
Undefeated UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will be taking a South Jersey man to the Marine Corps Ball in December after accepting his invitation over social media.
The trouble for former Phillies continues this week, with Lenny Dykstra now accused of stealing $50,000 worth of jewelry from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex, Brett Rossi — allegations "Nails" has denied.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Former television judge Joe Brown has been released from jail after serving a five-day jail sentence for contempt of court.
FIRST OF ALL, Anthony Horowitz may be a best-selling author in England, but he's not Ian Fleming. Fleming created James Bond, who made his first appearance in the 1953 novel Casino Royale and immediately became a hit. Fleming had served in British naval intelligence during World War II and began his career as a novelist while living in Jamaica.
Captain America star Chris Evans, who has been described as "easy on the eyes" by at least one film expert, has a soft spot for romantic fare.
NEW YORK (AP) - Janet Jackson exposed a breast on national television a decade ago, and it sparked national outrage. Miley Cyrus' flash barely caused a shrug.
NEW YORK (AP) - There's a "SpongeBob" musical in the works but the music is no kiddie stuff.
Taylor Swift's concert in San Diego, California on Saturday night was marred by drama when a fan jumped onstage and began brawling with security guards while the star was singing.
Author Anthony Horowitz has apologized for suggesting actor Idris Elba is too "street" to play the next James Bond, insisting he did not intend to cause offense.
It turns out the guys of One Direction aren't as different from the rest of us as we thought. Monday night he was spotted at Campus Corner Pizza, the...
New music spot reflects Fishtown’s industrial heritage.
Also in Tattle: A “SpongeBob” musical, Lucy Liu, Danica McKellar and Barack Obama takes a hike
He created a new boogeyman worthy of the Grimm Brothers in Freddy Krueger and dragged the horror film screaming into the postmodern age with ironic, self-referential films that mocked the conventions of their own genre.
NEW YORK (AP) - Survival expert Bear Grylls has bagged his biggest celebrity yet for a walk in the wilderness - President Barack Obama.
LOS ANGELES ( - In anticipation for their newsletter "Lenny," Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner have released a short story penned by Dunham called...
From Colorado theater shooting to His Holiness, new CBS3 reporter has covered the gamut.
By Alex Stedman LOS ANGELES ( - If you want to be Like Mike, you might be in luck -- if you've got at least $10,000 to burn. Fans of Warner...
Ordinarily, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is a man a few words. But put a mic on the guy during an open practice, and all that apparently changes, as the above video shows.