Thursday, August 21, 2014
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BEIJING (AP) - Jackie Chan apologized to the public Wednesday over his son's detention on drug charges in Beijing, saying he's ashamed and saddened.
Also in Tattle: A host of celebrity splits, what’s happening at the MTV VMAs and more.
Harry Donahue retires from KYW and more.
Um, well, they seemed to be going out . . . maybe it was just a spit-swappin' summer fling. Whatever it was or wasn't, the much-Instagrammed affectionfest between Michelle Rodriguez (of the Fast and Furious flicks) and Zac Efron, of Neighbors and every girl's dreams, this liaison so prominent in the tongue-wagging pages, is over.
It has been almost a year since we last saw Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on screen together, but the meth-making Breaking Bad duo are back together...
R&B star Ray J has pleaded not guilty to groping and resisting arrest charges stemming from an alleged rampage at a Beverly Hills hotel in May.
Rapper Kid Cudi has teamed up with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to launch a collection of high-fashion sneakers.
Singer Justin Timberlake has come under fire for using a perceived racial slur while wishing Madonna a happy birthday.
His last day is Friday.
Lindsay Lohan had an impromptu reunion with her Mean Girls co-star Tina Fey in New York City on Tuesday.
LONDON (AP) - Amy Winehouse is to be commemorated with a statue in the London neighborhood where she lived and worked.