Pop star Paula Abdul has either learned from the sandwich sins of John Kerry and Scott Walker or she has an inside man in Philly, because ordering her first-ever cheesesteak appears to have gone off without a hitch.

Abdul stopped by Geno's Steaks on Sunday morning,  according to a video posted to the star's Twitter account. Her order, which a representative says she made from the window "like everyone else": Provolone wit.

The "Straight Up" singer, however, wasn't in town just for a cheesesteak brunch. Abdul was in the area to cohost the 2017 Night of Wigs & Wishes in Berlin. The event raises money for Wigs & Wishes, a nonprofit started by celebrity stylist Martino Cartier that works to provide wishes and wigs to women and children diagnosed with cancer. Cartier took Abdul to Geno's before the gala.

Sure, she's cutting her steak into small pieces, but the order is solid — better, at least, than Scott Walker's American without incident from 2015, or John Kerry's 2003 Swiss cheese fiasco. More impressive, however, is that Abdul sat down for her steak around 9:15 a.m.  — a time typically reserved for only the most hardened cheesesteak enthusiasts. But, as the star wrote on Twitter, Geno's steaks are the "breakfast of champions."

The folks at Geno's were happy to have Abdul at the shop and invited her to enjoy her sandwich inside at the restaurant's celebrity booth. According to a representative, Abdul was "incredibly gracious" and is "welcome back at Geno's Steaks any time."

Abdul is the latest celebrity to visit Cheesesteak Vegas in recent months; Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stopped by  Pat's Steaks last month. Zuck and his crew, for what it's worth, went with six Whiz wits.