Kevin Hart announces line-up for new comedy streaming service 'Laugh Out Loud'

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Actor-comedian Kevin Hart speaks with members of the media ahead of the dedication of a Mural Arts Philadelphia mural honoring him on his birthday near his childhood home in Philadelphia.

Max’s Steaks mural subject Kevin Hart will launch a new comedy streaming service next month, and everything from zombie-themed sitcoms to the classic Def Comedy Jam is fair game.

Dubbed the “Laugh Out Loud” network, Hart’s service is set to launch August 3 with some help from partner Lionsgate. The LOL app will be available for free via iOS and Android, with an ad-free option available for $2.99 a month.

LOL will offer users a number of new offerings from Internet comedy stars like YouTube’s GloZell, who appears in Campus Law, about a group of recent college graduates who join their former campus’ security guard staff. King Bach and DC Young Fly of Vine fame, meanwhile, will head up Dead House, a mock reality show about living with zombies. Comedian Jo Koy hosts Inglorious Pranksters, an unscripted prank series.

Hart himself will also have an unscripted show dubbed Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend, in which the Philly native pranks unsuspecting riders as Lyft driver Donald Mac.

In addition to original programming, the streaming service will have every season of Def Jam Comedy available to stream — the first time every episode has been available to stream anywhere. Described in a release as the series’ “digital debut,” Def Jam Comedy’s run, which initially lasted from 1992 to 1997 before a return in 2006, features early performances from comedy heavyweights like Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, and others.

“Funny has no color or gender,” Hart said of the service via a release. “With our friends at Lionsgate, we are creating a global network that gives a platform to the next generation of diverse comedians from all over the world, of all ethnicities, to tell their stories.”

Earlier this month, Hart was back in Philadelphia to celebrate the city’s first Kevin Hart Day, which was marked with a party and mural dedication at Max’s Steaks in North Philly. Hart called the holiday and mural “the biggest honor you can get” at the time.