Jenkintown's Adam F. Goldberg is facing some online backlash from supporters of President Donald Trump after writing on social media that "the president is completely and utterly broken."

Only, he wasn't talking about that president.

Rather, Goldberg, who helms ABC's Jenkintown-set The Goldbergs, was referencing President Skroob, Mel Brooks' character from beloved 1987 Star Wars parody, Spaceballs. Goldberg also included a photo of a mangled action figure of the character, showing that the president was literally broken:

While Goldberg was criticizing a fictional character in his tweet, some followers took the message as a dig at President Trump. Several supporters tweeted at Goldberg, writing that he should "give the President a chance" and that President Trump is "in complete control," while others unfollowed him and threatened to boycott the show:

Goldberg, whose television work has focused entirely on comedy, continued to egg critics on in a series of follow-up tweets and replies referencing Skroob's plan to use a giant vacuum to suck away all the air from Druidia, a small planet in the Spaceballs universe:

The director also attempted to reiterate that he was criticizing the Spaceballs villain, and not President Trump, by using the "#notmyskroob" hashtag:

Following the tweet storm, Goldberg reportedly lost about 1,000 followers. However, he didn't seem bothered by the loss, and created a poll for followers to give their opinion on impeaching Skroob. Goldberg also informed fans that he would be producing a John Hughes-inspired episode of The Goldbergs in the future:

The Goldbergs debuted on ABC in 2013, and stars Sean Giambrone as Goldberg, and Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey as his parents, Murray and Beverly. Last month, ABC renewed the show for seasons five and six.